Last Day in Yoruba Land – A solo art exhibition by Eli Fola

 Last Day in Yoruba land

Location: Brooklyn Fire Proof

119 Ingraham Street.

Duration: February 22th-23th, 2017

Opening: 6PM-9 PM

Closing Performance Event: 6PM-10PM


Tech Afrique is proud to present Last Day in Yoruba Land, the first solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based musician & producer Eli Fola. On view from February 22-23, the exhibit takes the viewer through a series of five musical experiences that combines Eli’s Nigerian heritage and now techno influences.

This show tells the story of a young African immigrant relentless in the pursuit of excellence and innovation in music and art. Reminiscing on the last days I spent in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to New York City eight years ago, I had a lot of dreams, ideas and aspirations of things I was going to do in the creative world when I get to the U.S. The work I have released in the past year is a result of the things I envisioned years ago in the Yorubaland, and I want to share that through this exhibition.


Who is Eli Fola?

Eli Fola is a Nigerian born, New York based multimedia artist, vocalist, saxophonist, DJ and music producer. His debut EP, “The Platform”, was released on March 28, 2016. The project was inspired by his love for house and techno music and his experiences being an African living in the United States. His work has been featured in publications such as Wonderland Magazine, Fashion Glossary UK, OkayAfrica, and Impose Magazine. Eli Fola is the founder of Tech Afrique, an independent record label and event company that serves as a platform for releasing his projects. The company hosts a monthly visual art and music event in Bedstuy, Brooklyn known as The Communion. Tech Afrique is also the musical sound Eli Fola is pioneering. Eli Fola is presently a graduate student at The City College of New York pursing a master’s degree in Branding and Integrated Communications.









Yoruba: Soil & Soul

By Jordan Labbe 

Home is a seed

planted in soul.

With rhythms that sing,

and strength that grows.

There is a man from a land

called Yoruba.

His soul is destined to cultivate sounds

of instruments, tribe, and distance.

His inspiration began in youth,

streaming down from a legacy of music,

like stories of rivers

that flow through the land.

His journey is now fruit

in the visions before you.

They capture a still moment in time,

the sound of change

that makes you rise,

and move further into time. 









Photo Story by Joshua Kissi

Subject – Eli Fola

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