Meet Music Producer Ngozi Maduakolam aka Go-Z

  I met Ngozi about two years ago  while attending the same school with him. Born in Spanish Harlem to Nigerian parents, Ngozi is the youngest of four boys and surprisingly the only musician [...]

Hal Denya (the video)

  “Hal Denya” an Arabic word meaning about time in the world was the first song Dahka Band recorded together as a band, written and performed in Arabic and English by Fathi [...]

Tales of a city lady told by an observer

One look in her eyes was all it took, I knew she was a young woman because the city lights drowned into the yolk of her eyes. She filled the space with her presence, a certified city woman [...]

Slum to glory

If you grew up in a ghetto, there can only be two options for you, you can either hate it or love it. Loving it though means you understand you can not change where you were born, who your [...]